Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dissolve?

An ephemeral newsfeed-based social media platform that seeks to provide a fresh setting for social media enthusiasts to share ideas and socialize with friends.

• Self-deleting posts ensure you see only the best new content
• Geolocation allows you to see content relevant to your location
• Sorting by post interaction enables us to provide you with content you actually care about, as determined by your friends
• Content will not be publicly visible after its timer has expired Messages
• Chat privately with friends and followers
• Create a group conversation
• Messages disappear after you have read them

• Find out who started following you
• Discover who liked your posts
• Easily reply to comments by being notified with timely push notifications.

• Customize your profile by adding a name, handle, photo, bio, and your location
• Discover who you follow and who follows you
• Keep track of your total heat

• Invite others to the app to connect with
• Discover other profiles on the app
• Comment and heat post that you find interesting

Share your moments through dissolve
As always…share responsibly!

...but with great freedom comes great responsibility.