Social Media Without The Noise


Social media revolutionized the way that people use the internet, but recent concerns about lack of privacy and the long-term effects of a permanent cyber footprint are driving more and more to switch to ephemeral platforms. Additionally, with so many on social media nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to find relevant content amidst the sea of irrelevant pictures and intrusive advertisements.

To solve these problems we created Dissolve, an ephemeral newsfeed-based social media platform that seeks to provide a fresh setting for social media enthusiasts to share ideas and socialize with friends by:

Minimizing your social footprint

  • Posts self-delete after a period of time you select, from 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • Content will not be publicly visible or searchable after its timer has expired

Protecting your privacy

  • Little information gathered at registration
  • Self-deleting posts put you back in control of your content
  • Post likes are anonymous

Filtering out the noise

  • Self-deleting posts ensure you see only the best new content
  • Geolocation allows you to see content relevant to your location
  • Sorting by post interaction enables us to provide you with content you actually care about, as determined by your friends

...but with great freedom comes great responsibility.